Suggested Readings on Religion in Africa


Two of the most accessible introductory texts on religion in Africa are by the same author, Professor John S. Mbiti. Mbiti is a Kenyan scholar who has spent his professional life studying religion in Africa and in sharing his understanding with lay audiences. John S. Mbiti, African Religions and Philosophy (New York: Praeger, 1969) John S. Mbiti, An Introduction to African Religion (London: Heinemann, 1975)

Additional readings:

W. Abrahams, The Mind of Africa (London: Oxford University Press, 1963)

D. B. Barrett, Schism and Renewal in Africa: An Analysis of Six Thousand Contemporary Religious Movements (London: Oxford University Press, 1968)

C. Baeta, Christianity and African Culture (Accra, Ghana 1955)

L. Brenner (ed) Muslim Identity and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa(London: Hurst and Company, 1993)

M. Hiskett, The Course of Islam in Africa (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1994)

N. Levtzion & R.L. Pouwels (eds), The History of Islam in Africa (Athens Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2000)

I.M. Lewis (ed), Islam in Tropical Africa (London: Oxford University Press, 1966)

E. Fashole-Luke et. al., (eds) Christianity in Independent Africa (London: 1978)

C. Nyamiti, The Scope of African Christian Theology (Nairobi: 1973)

J. Parratt, Reinventing Christianity: African Theology Today (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmanns, 1995)

J.M. Schofferleers, Guardians of the Land: Essays on Central African Territorial Cults (Zimbabwe: Mambo Press, 1978)

P. Stoller, Fusion of the worlds : an Ethnography of Possession Among the Songhay of Niger (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989).

B.G.M. Sundkler, Bantu Prophets of South Africa (London: 1961)


In addition to the website suggested in the narrative of the module, you are encouraged to look at the comprehensive list of websites on religion in Africa developed by the African Studies program at Stanford University: