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HIV/AIDS: A Crisis in Africa

In 1991, one of the best basketball players in the world – “Magic” Johnson – announced that he was HIV positive. Because he is a famous athlete, Johnson brought a lot of attention to HIV/AIDS, especially in the United States . Johnson drew attention to the fact that HIV/AIDS is disease anyone can get, no matter how important or how wealthy a person may be. Along with Johnson, other famous people have spoken out about HIV/AIDS. On December 1, World AIDS Day, concerts and speeches are held all over the world raising money to fight HIV/AIDS and informing people about it too. Many people, because of Johnson and other celebrities, have heard about HIV/AIDS, but many people do not know a lot about how it is affecting people all over the world. Read More…

Why Liberia?

While you were on summer vacation the world did not take a vacation! There has been a great deal of news from around the world, much of it reporting conflict and violence from Afghanistan to Iraq, from the Middle East to Liberia. Many young people (and even adults!) in North America and Europe know very little about Liberia. In fact before this summer when the news media began carrying numerous stories on the on-going bloody civil war in Liberia, many of you may not have even heard of this relatively small country in West Africa. Read More…

Africa and Iraq

Africa, to date has been impacted by the Iraqi crisis, and if there is a war with Iraq African countries and peoples are very likely to feel the impact of the war economically, socially, and politically. This current events expose will look at two ways in which Africa has been and will continue to be impacted by the Iraqi crisis: Africa’s role in the United Nations Security Council, and the likely political and economic impact of a war in Iraq on African countries and peoples. Read more…

Birth of the African Union

On July 9 , 2002 at an meeting of African leaders in Durban, South Africa, the African Union was born. What is the African Union and Why was it formed? While you may not of heard of the African Union, you have probably heard of the European Union with its 15 member states? The EU, to use the popular short form, is an organization of European States that developed out of the European Common Market (ECM), which in turn was founded soon after the end of World War II. The primary purpose of the ECM was to promote economic growth in Europe through inter-nation cooperation. As the result of success in economic cooperation the member states of the ECM decided to gradually move towards greater social and political cooperation through instituting the European Union. Read more

Sports in Africa

Between January 19th and Febuary 20th, 2002 school children from all over Africa along with their parents and friends were glued to their radios and TV sets. What was so important? They had football (soccer) fever! After an elimination process that lasted nearly six months, national teams representing 16 African countries earned the right to participate in the African Cup of Nations tournament…Read more… World Cup Update

Diamonds and Warfare: The Africa Connection

Have you heard the sayings: “Diamonds are our best friend,” or that “Diamonds last forever?” Many societies highly value diamonds because they are considered to be beautiful and to symbolize love and friendship. However, few of us know where the diamonds we buy and proudly wear come from, or how they get from their place of origin to our jewelry stores.
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