Module Eight, Activity Four


Homework 1

Homework 2

Above are photos of two different families in Africa. The first family lives in a medium size city in the country of Zambia (highlighted green on map). The second family is from Mauritania (highlighted yellow on map), and they are nomadic herders.

Africa Political - Zambia and Mauritania

Assignment 1

Choose one family and use your own creativity to write a short narrative about what you think their lives are like. You should base this information on what you have learned so far about Africa, but also use your imagination to make the story interesting. Conclude your narrative with a brief statement about what things we can and cannot really know about these people's lives by merely looking at a picture. How could you find out more about their lives?

Assignment 2

Pick someone close to your age in one of the two families above to write an imaginary letter about what your own country's culture is like. You may want to explain to them what language(s) people speak, what kinds of families and communities exist, what religions are most common, or what people do from day to day. You can invent a name for the person or just start the letter "Dear friend."

Assignment 3

Two lists have been made below. The first list is for your nuclear family. The second list is for those members of your extended family that you know. List their names, and write their relationship to you next to the name. For example, for your sister you may write: "Sarah Jones, my sister." You may need to ask your parents or other family members to help you with some of the names for extended family.

Nuclear and Extended Family Chart

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