Module Six, Activity Two

Africa's Rivers and Lakes

Carefully study the map of Africa's rivers and lakes and the attached photographs. Answers to some of the questions will be provided by the map.

Map One: Africa's Rivers and Lakes

Africa's Major Rivers

Photographs 6.1- 6.8: These photos are meant to provide a visual context for the map work. There are no questions based on these photographs.

*All Photos:@Africa Focus, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Name the main rivers of Africa.
  • Name the main lakes in Africa.
  • What is the largest lake in Africa?
  • Which countries border this lake?
  • What is the longest river in Africa?
  • What region of Africa has no major rivers flowing through it? Why?
  • Geographers sometimes refer to rivers and lakes as the great highways of Africa. How are lakes and rivers similar to highways?
  • What resources, if any, do rivers and lakes provide?

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