Unit Two: Studying Africa Through Social Studies

Unit2Mod6Module Six: African Geography

PURPOSE: Geography is a subject that "bridges" the natural sciences and the social sciences (which in school we refer to as the social studies) in the study of the physical, or natural, and human dimensions of the world. Geography is the study of the interconnection between people, places, and the environment.

Geographers have identified five important themes in the study of geography. This lesson will introduce these themes with special reference to the study of the geography of Africa.


Unit2Mod7Module Seven (A): African History until 1500

PURPOSE: Module 7A: Early African History, Until 16th Century CE will discuss some of both the more well-known and less well-known points of interest throughout the history of Africa until the arrival of Europeans in sub-Saharan Africa in the 15th century CE.

Module Seven (B): African History 1500 to Present PURPOSE: Module 7B: African History, the Era of Global Encroachment will discuss the more recent history of Africa from approximately the 15th century to the present.


Unit2Mod8Module Eight: Culture and Society and Africa

PURPOSE: Module Eight: Culture and Society in Africa is an examination of what is meant by the concepts of culture and society.



Unit2Mod9Module Nine: African Economies

PURPOSE: This module will introduce students to the economics of Africa.




Unit2Mod10Module Ten: African Politics and Governments

PURPOSE: This module will introduce students to political systems, systems of government, and politics in Africa beginning with pre-colonial times and ending with the post-colonial period.