Unit Three: Studying Africa through the Humanities

Unit3Mod11Module Eleven: African Literatures

PURPOSE: Module Eleven: African Literatures will introduce students to the beauty and diversity of African literatures. The lesson will allow students to read works of literature from Southern, West, East, North, and Central Africa. Students will also be exposed to the different genres of African literatures.

Unit3Mod12Module Twelve: African Art

PURPOSE: This module will highlight the visual arts of the African continent, including historical and contemporary developments. Students will be able to explore the rich artistic history of Africa and learn about the different meanings and uses art can serve for individuals and societies in Africa and beyond.

                                      Module Thirteen: African Music

Unit3Mod13PURPOSE: This module will explore the role of music in African Society in a way that will arouse interest and highlight the utilitarian and the aesthetic value of music among African cultures. This unit will adopt social and historical lenses through which African society and its music can be better understood.


Unit3Mod14Module Fourteen: Religion in Africa

PURPOSE: Module Fourteen: Religion in Africa will introduce students to the rich and diverse tradition of religious belief and practice in Africa. This will be accomplished through the use of narrative, maps, and photographs.



Unit3Mod15Module Fifteen: Africa and the World

PURPOSE: Module Fifteen: Africa and the World is intended to explore the movement and dispersion of peoples of African descent throughout the world. In the study of the African diaspora, the focus often tends to be on slavery, the trade in peoples that transported millions of Africans to different parts of the world. Here, we have tried to offer a more detailed sketch of the diaspora, describing the movement of Africans before and after slavery.