Module Twenty Four



The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the country of Ghana, the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence.  This module will first introduce students to Ghana by discussing the history of Ghana in Activity One.  Activity Two discusses Understanding the Everyday Lives of Ghanaians, through the awareness of common themes associated with Ghana, such as Kente Cloth and Ashanti names.  Gender Issues are explored in Activity Three.  Gender, as a term, is used to refer to issues between men and women.  Although this activity will highlight many themes relating to women, the interactions and everyday lives of men will also be covered.

Finally, Activity Four will focus on Connecting Agricultural Practices in Ghana with the Global Market.  Ghana is known for many important agricultural contributions such as cocoa, found in chocolate, shea butter, used in many lotions, and other products, which help Ghana’s economy.


The learning activities are designed to be used sequentially. However, each activity can be engaged on its own.  Completion of the entire unit will take approximately three 50 minute class periods.


Begin this module with Activity One, or select from one of the other activities