Module Five

Looking Back


Module Five: Looking Back is a culmination of the previous four modules to help you review and tie together what you have already learned in Unit One: "Why Study Africa?" You will complete a series of six activities, which will reinforce your knowledge of Africa's diversity, rich history, and global connections, while continuing to challenge stereotypes and misrepresentations of Africa that you may still have. The first is a correspondence activity that will allow you to think about what kinds of questions you would like to ask students in Africa. You will then find instructions on how to link up with your own pen pals in Africa. Another brief writing exercise will help you think about cultural differences between Africa and the United States. The module also contains a graphic organizer on significant events in African history and a map activity that will allow you to compare ancient and modern maps of Africa. A link has been established for you to discover the wealth of languages that are spoken in Africa. A short discussion at the end of the module can help summarize the unit. Teachers might ask, "What will you remember most from what you have learned this week about Africa?" "What more is there to learn?" Finally, there are suggested assignments that you can do at home to apply what you have learned.

Begin this module with activity one or select from one of the other activities