Unit One: Why Study Africa

Unit1Mod1Module One: Exploring the Diversity of Africa

PURPOSE: This first module will introduce you to Africa in a manner which convinces you of the importance of studying the continent. Four themes which inform the entire eight week unit will be introduced in this session.





Module Two: Learning about Africa

PURPOSE: Learning about Africa continues your introduction to Africa on two fronts: first, through a further exploration and elucidation of your current knowledge of Africa; and second, through establishing what you would like to learn about Africa.


Unit1Mod3Module Three: Examining Africa's Diversity

PURPOSE: Module three is a collection of images meant to illustrate Africa's diversity, rich history, and global connections, and to question some of the common stereotypes about Africa.



Unit1Mod4Module Four: Examining Africa's Global Connections

PURPOSE: Module Four is meant to provide you with a brief introduction to two of our themes: the richness and diversity of African history, and Africa's global connections.



Unit1Mod5Module Five: Looking Back

PURPOSE: Module five is a culmination of the previous four modules to help you review and tie together what you have already learned so far in Unit One.