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Capital: Asmara

Government: Unitary One-party Presidential Republic

Current President: Isaias Afewerki


  • A command economy under the control of the sole political party, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).
  • A large share of the population, nearly 80%, is engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 6,081,196 (2020)

Land Size: 117,400 sq km (45,300 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Tigrinya: 55%
  • Tigre: 30%
  • Saho: 4%
  • Kunama: 2%
  • Rashaida: 2%
  • Bilen: 2%
  • Other (Afar, Beni Amir, Nera): 5% (2010 est.)

  • Muslim
  • Coptic Christian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Protestant


  • Tigrinya (official)
  • Arabic (official)
  • English (official)
  • Tigre
  • Kunama
  • Afar



  • Thu - Oct 21, 2021: Seminar to Nationals in Scandinavian Countries and Switzerland - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, conducted a seminar on 16 October in Stockholm to Eritrean nationals in the Scandinavian countries focusing on the objective situation in the homeland as well as diplomatic engagements with neighboring countries and beyond.
  • Thu - Oct 21, 2021: Announcement From the Ministry of Health - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] Two patients have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in tests carried out today at Quarantine Centers in the Anseba Region.
  • Thu - Oct 21, 2021: 'Our Future Is in Our Hands' - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] It is to be recalled that last week, on 15 October 2021, World Food Day was commemorated in Eritrea. In connection with the event, Eritrea Profile conducted an interview on the importance of the day. Our guest for today is Dr. Saeed A.Bancie, FAO representative in Eritrea.
  • Thu - Oct 21, 2021: Promoting Sustainable Land Management - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] In an attempt to remedy the destructive use of land through overgrazing, overuse of resources, deforestation, and inefficient land tenure system and agricultural practices over an extended period of time in Eritrea, the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment (MLWE) introduced Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in 2012.
  • Thu - Oct 21, 2021: Haikota Sub-Zone On the Development Track - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] During our stay in Haikota, we were able to explore the economic development of the sub-zone thanks to the interview with Eng. Dawit Berhane, Head of the department of the economic development of Haikota sub-zone. In today's development page, we present you the latest development undertakings of the sub-zone based on an interview conducted with Eng. Dawit Berhane.