Women’s Athletics (track)

Although they are not yet as famous as the male athletes, African women runners are beginning to make a name for themselves. In 2001, Catherine Ndereba from Kenya slashed the world record at the Boston Marathon. In the 2000 Olympics in Sydney African women did almost as well in the distance races as did the African men. Maria Mutola won her country’s (Mozambique) first ever gold medal by winning the 800 meters. World record holder Mouria Merah-Benida (Algeria) won the gold medal in the 1,500 meters. And in the 10,000 meters, Ethiopian runners Derartu Tulu and Get Wami took both the gold and silver medals!

Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) winning the Boston Marathin in World record time.

Maria Mutola winning the 800 meters at the Sydney Olympics, 2000

1,500 meter world record holder and Olympic champion Mouria Merah-Benida (Algeria)

10,000 meter gold and silver medallists Derartu Tulu and Gete Wami of Ethiopia