Western Sahara



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Capital: Aaúin

Government: Legal status of territory and issue of sovereignty unresolved

Current President: President in Exile, Brahim Ghali


  • Small market-based economy whose main industries are fishing, phosphate mining, and pastoral nomadism.

Population: 652,271 (2020)

Land Size: 266,000 sq km (102,703 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Arab
  • Berber

  • Muslim


  • Hassaniya Arabic
  • Moroccan Arabic



  • Fri - Nov 27, 2020: SPLA Continues to Target Moroccan Army Bases - AllAfrica News: Western Sahara
    [SPS] The Saharawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) continues, for the fourteenth consecutive day, its intensive attacks on the positions and bases of the Moroccan occupation forces behind the Wall of Shame, according to the Communiqué No. 14 of the Ministry for National Defense.
  • Thu - Nov 26, 2020: Saharawi Republic Participates in Joint AU Health & Health Ministers Meeting - AllAfrica News: Western Sahara
    [SPS] The Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) partakes in the a joint video-conference of North African ministers of health and financial affairs, organized by the African Union Department of Social Affairs.
  • Wed - Nov 25, 2020: Conflict Over the Western Sahara - Anything New or the Same Old, Same Old? - AllAfrica News: Western Sahara
    [Moroccan American Center] Morocco, the Polisario, and its patron Algeria are sounding war drums over the Sahara. Is this recent skirmish a threat to regional stability or more posturing?
  • Wed - Nov 25, 2020: Sahrawi Envoy Calls for Greater Cooperation - AllAfrica News: Western Sahara
    [The Herald] The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic has called for greater cooperation with Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent as they appealed to the African Union to stop Moroccan aggression.
  • Mon - Nov 23, 2020: El Guerguerat - Mauritania Expresses Reservations About 2nd Morocco's Sand Wall - AllAfrica News: Western Sahara
    [SPS] Nouakshott (Mauritania) -- Mauritania has expressed reservations about the second sand wall built by Morocco too close to the border of El Guerguerat, online newspaper Zahraa Chankit reported Sunday, stressing Nouakshott's "dissatisfaction" with such a territorial expansion.