Web Sites on Africans in Canada

Here is a list of Web-Sites related to Africans in Canada over the past 300 years.

Ontario Black History Online!
“The Ontario Black History Society has been at the forefront of African-Canadian educational information for over 20 years. It was founded in 1978 as a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and study of Black history.”

African Nova Scotia
“Remembering Black Loyalists is a virtual exhibit based upon the physical exhibit of the same title produced by the History Section of the Nova Scotia Museum in 1999 – 2000. Archaeology at Birchtown: an excavation at an early Black Loyalist settlement.”

Buxton Historic Site

Black Historical & Cultural Society of British Columbia


The Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers Project, UCLA

CDC: Black Loyalists
“Welcome to the Black Loyalists Digital Collections site. This site explores an untold story of our nation’s history: how Canada became the home of the first settlements of free blacks outside Africa.”


TOPIC: Heritage and Tour Sites
Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium 

“Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium was created by educator, Gary Pieters, as an online resource for students researching Black History from a Canadian Perspective. This online resource on Black Heritage categorizes past, present and future events”

Remembering Black Loyalists, Black Communities 
“Between 1783 and 1785, more than 3000 Black persons came to Nova Scotia as a direct result of the American Revolution. They came from slavery and war to take control of their lives, making choices within the limits they faced.”

African Canadian Heritage Tour 
“The African Canadian Heritage Tour is comprised of 5 independent sites of historic significance located in South Western Ontario.”.

Archaeology at Birchtown, Nova Scotia
“The early history of Nova Scotia’s Black communities, such as Birchtown, is almost without exception incomplete and is usually based on written records of the time.”



TOPIC: Black Organizations in Nova Scotia

Black Educators Association 

African Canadian Services Division

Black Cultural Center for Nova Scotia

Black Business Initiative – Nova Scotia 

Black History Month Association 

Other Organizations



TOPIC: Black Associations in Canada
Jamaican Association of Montreal 


Black Community Resource Centre (Montreal)

Montreal Association of Black Business Persons and Professionals (M.A.B.B.P.)
“A federally incorporated non-profit organization active within the Montreal Black community for the past fifteen years. Its goals and objectives are to increase the economic welfare of black persons in Montreal as well as those in all other communities.”

National Society of Black Engineers – University of Toronto 

National Society Of Black Engineers – McGill Chapter 

Black Coaliton of Quebec 
“The Black Coaliton of Quebec takes its origin from the Black Coalition of Canada which was formed in 1969 in defence of human rights. The Coalition is one of the principal speakers of the Black community in defence of individual rights.”
TOPIC: Black Educators and Education

Quebec Board of Black Educators 
“At the forefront of education in Montreal’s Black Community since 1969.”

James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies 
“…established to bring Black culture, reality, perspectives, experiences and concerns into the Academy.”

ACCES – African Canadian Continuing Education Society
“ACCES is a non-profit society dedicated to helping young Africans obtain the skills and education needed to benefit themselves and their society.”
TOPIC: Black News and Media

Share On-line 
“Canada’s largest ethnic newspaper.”


TOPIC: Black Arts and Multimedia

The Gospel Heirs 
“The history of Afro-Canadians in Nova Scotia goes back well over two centuries. One of Canada’s premier gospel groups, the Nova Scotia based Gospel Heirs, formed in 1976 as a four piece group and later expanded to eight members.”

ACDAS The African-Canadian Dramatic Arts Society 
“ACDAS was founded in January 1991 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the same year. We aim to increase public awareness of African-Canadian arts in the community at large by offering quality, diversified entertainment.”
TOPIC: Underground Railway
Black History in Canada: The Underground Railroad


Menare Foundation’s NorthStar Website 
“The Menare Foundation, Inc. is a national Non-profit organization dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and restoration of Underground Railroad safe-houses and environments.”

Settlements in Canada


TOPIC: Anti-Racism Sites

Canadian Race Relations Foundation 
“The purpose of the Foundation is to facilitate throughout Canada the development, sharing and application of knowledge and expertise in order to contribute to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canadian society.”

Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs 
“An NGO established in 1990 to develop & promote social development & public policy initiatives for the Caribbean Canadian community through research, human resources development, public education, advocacy and international cooperation.”


TOPIC: Africville
Return to Africville – This Morning


Seaview Park, former site of Africville 


SUNDIAL – Seaview Park