Unit Two: Studying Africa through the Social Studies

Module Six: The Geography of Africa

Teacher's Edition

Human-Environment Interaction: Expand Activity (homework)

Environmental Websites

The following are a selection of environmental websites. All of these sites have important information, but many are not specifically oriented to middle school students. However, we encourage students to explore sites that have either a professional or an advocacy orientation.

We have marked with an asterisk the sites that we feel are particularly good for students.

** About Earth Science for Kids
Online resources, links, and information about geology, environment, geography, and natural disasters.

Air Quality Lesson Plans and Data
http:/ www.tnrcc.state.tx.us/air/monops/lessons/lesson_plans.html
A huge catalog of lesson plans on air quality arranged by grade level.

CBEP-Community Based Environmental Protection
This government web site integrates environmental management with human needs, considers long-term ecosystem health, and highlights the positive correlations between economic prosperity and environmental well-being.

Center for Global Environmental Education
CGEE specializes in combining environmental education with distance learning technology.

Centre for Computer Based Learning in Land Use and Environmental Sciences
Information, case studies, and techniques for advanced high school students. The web site originates from Scotland.

** Discovery Channel School
Large collection of teacher materials that augment their television shows.

** E-Patrol
Web site with information about ecology, endangered species, and energy usage.

Earth Dog
Online children's book about the environment.

Ecological Society of America - Education Section, ESA-EdWeb
Information and curriculum ideas for teachers of elementary through high school on ecology.

** Ecoregions of the World
This site discusses world ecology by regions, biodivesity, endangered species, and human impacts.

Education for a Sustainable Future
This site has curriculum that encourages interdisciplinary life-long learning.

Energy Quest
Fun, colorful information about energy consumption and alternatives to fossil fuels.

** Envirolink
Educational materials and resources that discuss a wide variety of environmental issues.

Environmental Education Resources on the Internet
Materials, classroom resources, and grant opportunities for the K-12 educator on the environment.

** Fantastic Forest
This is a site maintained by National Geographic. It is a cyber walk through the forest.

Finding Your Way with Map and Compass
A web site designed to increase the students' understanding of using topographical maps.

** GREEN-Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
GREEN has an interactive program based at the University of Michigan to assess watershed health for middle school and high school students.

Green Teacher
An online magazine for teachers to enhance environmental and global education.

Internet Public Library Youth Division
A huge resource of information and ideas.

Institute for Global Communications
Progressive organization that tracks women's issues, peace issues, anti-racism issues, and ecological issues world-wide.

** Kids Corner: Rainforest Action Network
Colorful web site of activities, educational materials, action alerts, and information on the rainforest habitat.

Kids for a Clean Environment
Information, resources, and connections to other children world-wide who are interested in the environment.

** Kids World 2000
Web based index of tours of art museums, natural history museums, and trips around the world.

Learning for a Sustainable Future
A Canadian site organized to integrate the concepts and principles of sustainable development into the curricula at all grade levels.

** LearningPlanet.com.
A Web site of fun, interactive, learning activities on the environment.

New Jersey Sustainable Schools Network
Discussion of community projects that could be replicated in Michigan.

Ocean Planet from the Smithsonian
Educational materials and information about the ocean ecosystem.

Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
Information and links regarding Ocean and Coastal ecosystems.

** Planet Earth
Online material for teaching ecology in the K-12 classroom.

Ranger Rick Kids Zone
Ecology web site with games, curricula, and an online journal for the early elementary school aged child.

School Energy Doctor
A multimedia production designed to lead high school students through a water and energy audit of their school. It provides students with easy calculations to see how efficiency and renewable energy can save energy, water, and money, as well as, reduce pollution right at their own school.

** Science and Nature for Kids
Online newsletter and resources for children.

** Secondary School Environmental Web Based Kit from the United Nations
A nicely organized web based curriculum from the United Nations.

Sierra Club Critical Ecoregions Program
A multifaceted plan for land and water systems in the United States and Canada.

** Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle
Web site for ages 8-16. Kids' Castle features articles written about issues that interest kids today: sports, history, the arts, travel, science, and air and space, all with great photos.

Solstice-Energy Efficiency
Online resource of energy efficiency in buildings, appliances, lighting, and general energy efficiency.

SUNetwork-Sustainable USA Org.
An online newspaper featuring issues regarding U.S. sustainability, education, and a list of nation-wide events.

Sustainable Communities Network (SCN)
The site is designed to link people to resources and each other in the areas of education policies, agriculture, and growth.

Sustainability Education Center
Warehouse of sustainability information, teacher training, and links

U.S. Geological Survey
This site has topographical maps that show natural disasters, land usage, water usage and minerals.

** World Resources Institute
Educational resources on the environment and ecosystems throughout the world, including power point slides.

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