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Capital: Khartoum

Government: Dominant-Party Federal Presidential Republic

Current President: Omar al-Bashir


  • The oil sector has driven much of the country’s GDP since 1999.
  • Sudan, currently, is attempting to generate new sources of revenues, such as from gold mining, while carrying out an austerity program to reduce expenditures.
  • Agricultural production continues to employ 80% of the work force and contributes a third of GDP.

Population:40,235,000 (2015)

Land Size: 1.8 million sq km (728,215 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Sudanese Arab (approximately 70%)
  • Fur
  • Beja
  • Nuba
  • Fallata

  • Islam (Sunni) 98%
  • small Christian minority


  • Arabic (official)
  • English (official)
  • Nubian
  • Ta Bedawie
  • Fur



  • Fri - Jul 21, 2017: Resigned Students' Demands Not Met, Lawyers Show Support - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [Radio Dabanga] Sheikh El Yagout / Khartoum -Policemen continue to block the hundreds of students from entering Khartoum, as they are still hosted at the village of Sheikh El Yagout. Attempts to reach an agreement with their university on dropping charges and readmitting students.
  • Fri - Jul 21, 2017: Police Detain, Block Darfur Market Strikers - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [Radio Dabanga] Kass -Shop owners in Kass, South Darfur, refused to open their doors for the fourth day in a row. Security service members tried to break their strike by apprehending residents and blocking shop doors.
  • Fri - Jul 21, 2017: Supporters of Stranded Students, Politician Detained - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [Radio Dabanga] Jebel Awliya / Um Rawaba / Khartoum North -Five members of an initiative in support of the stranded students in White Nile were detained by the Sudanese security service on Thursday. In North Kordofan, the head of the SCP branch was sentenced after circulating a letter about corruption.
  • Fri - Jul 21, 2017: Deadly Sudan Student-Police Clashes Escalate - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [CAJ News] Khartoum -THE Sudanese government has been urged to end the discrimination of Darfuri university students in the wake of protests against fellow scholars' detention for allegedly killing police officers.Ten students of Bakht al-Rida University in White Nile State are behind bars for the alleged murder of two officers. They were killed in May as they violently broke up clashes between ruling party and opposition students over disputed guild elections.Investigations into the policemen's deaths are still underway. This
  • Fri - Jul 21, 2017: Ghandour - Bashir Will Visit Kuwait and Qatar - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [SNA] Khartoum -Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour revealed that the President of the Republic will visit Kuwait and Qatar during the coming period to support mediation efforts to resolve the Gulf crisis.