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Capital: Khartoum

Government: Dominant-Party Federal Presidential Republic

Current President: Omar al-Bashir


  • The oil sector has driven much of the country’s GDP since 1999.
  • Sudan, currently, is attempting to generate new sources of revenues, such as from gold mining, while carrying out an austerity program to reduce expenditures.
  • Agricultural production continues to employ 80% of the work force and contributes a third of GDP.

Population: 43,120,843 (2018)

Land Size: 1.8 million sq km (728,215 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Sudanese Arab (approximately 70%)
  • Fur
  • Beja
  • Nuba
  • Fallata

  • Islam (Sunni) 98%
  • small Christian minority


  • Arabic (official)
  • English (official)
  • Nubian
  • Ta Bedawie
  • Fur



  • Mon - Jun 17, 2019: Egyptian Ambassador Meets Leading Member From Opposing Unionist Party - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [SNA] Khartoum -The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Khartoum met Sunday the negotiating member of Forces of Freedom and change (FFC), and leading member of Unionist Party, Isam Abu-Hassabo.
  • Mon - Jun 17, 2019: Khartoum Finds Itself in Midst of 'Regional Rivalry' - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [SudaNow] Despite its geostrategic importance as a link between the Middle East and Africa, Sudan suffered the twin problems of an identity crisis as well as marginalization. The first contributed to its long running civil wars and instability, while the latter helped in pushing into the periphery.
  • Mon - Jun 17, 2019: Bashir Seen In Armed Convoy - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [RFI] Fallen Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir was seen in public on Sunday, his first appearance since being ousted in April, as he was driven in an armed convoy to the prosecutor's office to face charges of alleged corruption.
  • Mon - Jun 17, 2019: Port Sudan Conflict Addressed by Govt - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [SNA] Port Sudan -The Native administration and Sufi Sect delegation has got acquainted with the ongoing efforts in the Red Sea to contain the situation following the recent dispute that took place in Port-Sudan city between Bani Amir and Nuba tribes.
  • Mon - Jun 17, 2019: Saudi Leader Weighs In On Sudan - AllAfrica News: Sudan
    [SNA] Al-Riyadh -The Crown Prince of of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman has underlined that Sudan' security and stability concern the Saudi Arabia greatly.