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Exploring Africa is a comprehensive curriculum designed to educate about Africa in a true, objective way. Each unit is designed with a theme in mind: Why Study Africa?, Studying Africa through the Social Studies, Studying Africa through the Humanities, Regional Perspectives, and Country Case Studies. Using these themes allows Exploring Africa to provide a well-rounded, interdisciplinary, and holistic approach to learning about Africa. Within each unit, there are modules constructed in a more specific thematic organization, which creates an even more accessible format for learning in a systematic way. Finally, within each module there are activities designed to help students comprehend the lessons they just learned. Each of these activities is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is here in this Exploring Africa Lesson Plan Digital Booklet that we offer lesson plans designed for the physical classroom space, to be used and implemented in your own classroom, and adjusted in any way you see fit to meet your individual classroom’s needs. The lessons are directly related to the modules on Exploring Africa. Therefore, it is highly recommended that these lesson plans for activities are supplemental to the lessons in the modules in Exploring Africa, rather than used separately. Once purchased, use your given password to reach the lessons here:

**Please keep in mind that not all of the Lesson Plans are currently available. As soon as they do become available we will link them to this site and anyone who has purchased the Lesson Plans will have access to all of them.