South Sudan






Capital: Juba

Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

President: Salva Kiir Mayardit


  • Economy dominated by the petroleum mining that has been stymied over the past since early 2014 by civil war.
  • Over 80% or the population are engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 10,204,581 (2018)

Land Size: 644,329 sq km

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Dinka
  • Nuer
  • Shiluk
  • Bari
  • Zande
  • Kakwa

  • Traditional African Religions
  • Christianity


  • English (official)
  • Dinka
  • Nuer
  • Arabic
  • Bari
  • Zande



  • Mon - Jun 17, 2019: Embassy Closures Could Harm Ties With Norway and France - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [Deutsche Welle] South Sudan plans to shut down several of its embassies to cut spending. The inclusion of missions in Norway and France may come at a high price for the new nation with a faltering peace process and stagnant economy.
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    [East African] The Sudan crisis could become a major contagion in the region's security and trade and also escalate the divisions in the Gulf Peninsula manifested in the current war in Yemen.
  • Sun - Jun 16, 2019: Ebola Outbreak Puts DR Congo's Neighbors On High-Alert - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [Deutsche Welle] The WHO has not declared the current outbreak an international emergency. But neighboring countries considered at risk have upped their preventative measures after the virus spread to Uganda earlier this week.
  • Sat - Jun 15, 2019: Why South Sudan Cattle Rustlers Keep Terrorising Northern Uganda - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [Monitor] When Uganda and South Sudan leaders agreed in March to work together to stop cattle rustling, illegal logging and smuggling of goods, it was news good enough to revive hope, especially among the people who live along the borderline between the two countries
  • Fri - Jun 14, 2019: Juba Jails Prominent Activist, Philanthropist - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [East African] A court in South Sudan has sentenced to jail political activist Peter Biar Ajak and philanthropist Kerbino Wol following accusations that they threatened the security of the state.