South Sudan






Capital: Juba

Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

President: Salva Kiir Mayardit


  • Economy dominated by the petroleum mining that has been stymied over the past since early 2014 by civil war.
  • Over 80% or the population are engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 10,561,244 (2020)

Land Size: 644,329 sq km

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Dinka
  • Nuer
  • Shiluk
  • Bari
  • Zande
  • Kakwa

  • Traditional African Religions
  • Christianity


  • English (official)
  • Dinka
  • Nuer
  • Arabic
  • Bari
  • Zande



  • Tue - Jul 7, 2020: UN Security Council Calls for 90 Days Ceasefire in Conflict Zones - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [East African] The United Nations Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution demanding an immediate 90 days' cessation of hostilities in conflict zones around the world due to the impact of the novel coronavirus.
  • Sat - Jul 4, 2020: EAC MPs Miss Salaries in Cash Crunch, As Burundi and South Sudan Face Expulsion - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [East African] Employees of the East African Legislative Assembly are yet to get their June salaries, while members of parliament have gone three months without their full pay as the cash-strapped institution scrambles to put together its 2021 annual budget whose deadline passed last week.
  • Fri - Jul 3, 2020: COVID-19 - WHO, UK Hand Over Oxygen Concentrators to Support the Ministry of Health in South Sudan - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [WHO] Juba, 3 July 2020 - the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) today handed over 160 oxygen concentrators to South Sudan's Ministry of Health to support the country in their response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Fri - Jul 3, 2020: UN Peacekeepers Test Positive for COVID-19 - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [VOA] The top United Nations official in South Sudan says 57 workers with the U.N. mission there have tested positive for COVID-19 since April.
  • Thu - Jul 2, 2020: Safety Elusive for Women in South Sudan's Protection Sites Amid Pandemic - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [UNFPA] Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in South Sudan in April, more than 2,000 cases of the illness have been recorded. Tensions are rising within families and communities, leaving women and girls vulnerable to violence as they attempt to isolate or escape from the virus.