South Sudan






Capital: Juba

Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

President: Salva Kiir Mayardit


  • Economy dominated by the petroleum mining that has been stymied over the past since early 2014 by civil war.
  • Over 80% or the population are engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 10,561,244 (2020)

Land Size: 644,329 sq km

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Dinka
  • Nuer
  • Shiluk
  • Bari
  • Zande
  • Kakwa

  • Traditional African Religions
  • Christianity


  • English (official)
  • Dinka
  • Nuer
  • Arabic
  • Bari
  • Zande



  • Fri - Sep 18, 2020: Arman Calls for Better and Closer Relations With South Sudan - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [SNA] Khartoum -- Chairman of the Advance Delegation of the Revolutionary Front, Yasser Saeed Arman has affirmed that they came to Khartoum carrying peace to our country, our people, besides, good neighborliness and the strategic relations with the State of South Sudan.
  • Fri - Sep 18, 2020: Daglo Discusses Efforts On Solving Abyei Area File - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [SNA] Khartoum -- The First Vice - President of Transitional Sovereign Council, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo received at his office in the Republican Palace the delegation of Abyei area headed by Minister of East African Affairs and official who is in charge of Abyei file in the government of South Sudan, Deng Alor.
  • Thu - Sep 17, 2020: Darfur Displaced Welcome Peace Initiative By Slm Rebel Leader - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [Radio Dabanga] Kalma / Khartoum / El Fasher -- The displaced people in Darfur have declared their full support for the peace initiative proposed by the head of the mainstream Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-AW), Abdelwahid El Nur. A high-level delegation of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) rebel alliance is scheduled to arrive in Khartoum today.
  • Thu - Sep 17, 2020: Progress On Peace Agreement 'Limps Along', UN Envoy Tells Security Council - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [UN News] Although the transitional government in South Sudan continues to function, with state governors now appointed, among other developments, progress on the 2018 peace agreement "limps along", the top UN official in the country told a virtual meeting of the Security Council on Wednesday.
  • Wed - Sep 16, 2020: Fighter for Women's Voices Honored By U.S. Peace Group - AllAfrica News: South Sudan
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation] South Sudanese activist Rita Lopidia was awarded the inaugural Women Building Peace Award for her work promoting women's participation in peace agreements