Song 4

Mnyonge Hana Haki “The Poor Have No Rights” by Remmy Ongala

If you are on a journey, never hurry
There are many problems on the road, so don’t hurry.
I went on a journey, I arrived safely, I arrived peacefully.
What bitter words.
I am a weakling, I have nothing to say in front of my peers.

A bicycle has no say in front of a motorcycle,
A motorcycle has no say in front of a car,
A car has no say in front of a train,
The poor and weak have no rights

I am poor, I have no right to speak,
Poor and weak in front of the powerful
Weak as long as the powerful likes

A hare has no say in front of the lion,
A rat does not parade in front of a cat
The poor can only lean on God,
The poor have no rights