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  • Teaching About African Crisis in the K-12 Classroom -Most of the news stories featured in the U.S. and western press focus on crises in Africa . At Exploring Africa we are dedicated to helping educators and students obtain a more balanced perspective on Africa . However, we do not suggest that educators and students ignore crises in Africa , but that they address these crises through a more thorough, balanced, and nuanced investigation than the western press normally offers its readers and viewers. We offer the following suggestions for investigating and addressing African crises in your classrooms.
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      Integrated Regional Information Network of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. This news service provides daily up-dates from all regions in Africa.
  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: South Africa: Johannesburg Is in Decay - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [New Frame] South Africa's largest city is a world city, the home of jazz, art, politics and insurgent popular aspirations. But it is in precipitous decline, making now the time to act.
  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: South Africa: HIV lessons for Covid-19 - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [New Frame] South Africa's third Covid-19 wave arrived in sync with winter. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced at the end of autumn that the country would be moving up to an adjusted level two of lockdown. He urged all South Africans to take responsibility for delaying the peak of the coming wave.
  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: Somalia: Somaliland's Election Boosted Its Theoretical Case for Recognition - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [ISS] Somaliland is increasing its push to win international recognition as an independent sovereign state which it has proclaimed for itself - and indeed successfully practiced - for the past 30 years. But will these efforts to attain an ambitious goal pay off?
  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: Boko Haram: Nigerian president admits failure to end violence - BBC News - Africa
    The fight against militants in the north has unintentionally spread violence, Muhammadu Buhari says.
  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: Nigeria: #June12thprotest - Police Attack BBC Journalist - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [Premium Times] Some of the police officers were heard saying protests are 'illegal on Democracy Day'.