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  • Teaching About African Crisis in the K-12 Classroom -Most of the news stories featured in the U.S. and western press focus on crises in Africa . At Exploring Africa we are dedicated to helping educators and students obtain a more balanced perspective on Africa . However, we do not suggest that educators and students ignore crises in Africa , but that they address these crises through a more thorough, balanced, and nuanced investigation than the western press normally offers its readers and viewers. We offer the following suggestions for investigating and addressing African crises in your classrooms.
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      The BBC Africa Desk offers print versions of stories carried by the British Broadcasting Service about Africa (updated several times a day).
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      Integrated Regional Information Network of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. This news service provides daily up-dates from all regions in Africa.
  • Sun - Sep 20, 2020: Lagos Inferno: The blast that destroyed a Nigerian girl's school - BBC News - Africa
    An explosion in Lagos, Nigeria killed 23 people and destroyed a girls’ boarding school. But what caused it?
  • Sun - Sep 20, 2020: Southern Africa: Why Southern Africa Is Anxious About EU and UK Post-Brexit Trade Talks - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [The Conversation Africa] As the deadline for the post-Brexit trade talks between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) looms, concerns have arisen as to whether the two parties will be able to conclude a deal. In terms of the Brexit divorce agreement, the UK is expected to leave the EU single market and customs union on 1 January 2021. A trade deal will govern future trade relations between the EU and the UK. The prospect of striking such a deal, however, has been thrown into doubt by the publication recently of a ne
  • Sun - Sep 20, 2020: Africa: The World Must Pull Together On Covid-19 Vaccine for All - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [Thomson Reuters Foundation] Rich countries look set to hoard coronavirus vaccines - but in a globalised world we cannot afford to leave the poor behind.
  • Sun - Sep 20, 2020: Africa: Mineral Wealth Gives Africa Key Role in New Global Economy - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [Chatham House] Throughout the world, resource wealth is an emotive and politically contentious issue. But genuine partnership between international industry and African governments can provide a major boost to the global economy.
  • Sun - Sep 20, 2020: Africa: Rethinking Public Healthcare Systems in Africa - a Covid-19 Reflection - AllAfrica News: Latest
    [Africa In Fact] 'The right to life' is fundamental; an imprescriptible right inherent to all human beings. The Equity and Human Rights Commission states that governments should take appropriate measures to safeguard life by "taking steps to protect you if your life is at risk." With public healthcare in Africa suffering chronic shortages of critical drugs, medical brain-drain, insufficient public healthcare funding, as well as inadequate pharmaceutical production, are African governments taking appropriate measures to saf