Module Ten, Activity Three Writing Activity

The Political Heritage of Colonialism in Africa

Writing Exercise

This is your chance to pretend to be a world leader! The date is 1960, and after nearly 80 years of colonial rule, your country has just gained independence from European colonial control, and you have been elected as the first president of Azania (not a real country)!

Just as when a U.S. president is inaugurated, at your inauguration, you will be expected to give a speech. Write a brief speech that mentions the following themes:

words of celebration and jubilation.

optimism for the future

indication of what the future holds for your country and its citizens.

policy promises for the next decade-jobs, education, health care, housing, etc.

note of caution. Indication that due to aspects of the colonial heritage, it may be difficult for the country to meet its political, economic, and social goals.