Sierra Leone



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Capital: Freetown

Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Current President: Julius Maada Bio


  • While Sierra Leone possesses substantial mineral, agricultural, and fishery resources, its physical and social infrastructure has yet to recover from the civil war, and serious social disorders continue to hamper economic development.
  • Nearly half of the working-age population engages in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 6,624,933 (2020)

Land Size: 71,740 sq km (27,669 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Temne: 35%
  • Mende: 31%
  • Limba: 8%
  • Kono: 5%
  • Kriole: 2% (descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area in the late-18th century; also known as Krio)
  • Mandingo: 2%
  • Loko: 2%
  • Other: 15% (includes refugees from Liberia’s recent civil war, and small numbers of Europeans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, and Indians)

  • Muslim: 60%
  • Christian: 10%
  • Indigenous African Religions: 30%


  • English (official, regular use limited to literate minority)
  • Mende (principle vernacular in the south)
  • Temne (principle vernacular in the north)
  • Krio (English based Creole, spoken by the descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area, a lingua franca and a first language for 10% of the population but understood by 95%)



  • Wed - Feb 24, 2021: Man Gets 15yrs for Impregnating Stepdaughter - AllAfrica News: Sierra Leone
    [Concord] Frederick Davies, who happens to be the stepfather of a 15 years old sexual penetration victim was on Wednesday, 17th February, 2021, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for abusing the girl.
  • Wed - Feb 24, 2021: Statistics Briefs MPs On Mid-Term Housing Census - AllAfrica News: Sierra Leone
    [Concord] Senior officials from Statistics Sierra Leone have briefed Members of the Development and Planning Committee on the forth coming mid-term housing and population census and to also secure the willingness of all parliamentarians to participate in the process at all times.
  • Wed - Feb 24, 2021: Njala University, Welthungerhilfe Signs MOU to Develop an Organic Certification Module At Safs - AllAfrica News: Sierra Leone
    [Concord] Njala University has on Friday 12th February 2021 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Welthungerhilfe courtesy of the SLE-1070 ADORE Project for the development of an Organic Agriculture and Certification program at Njala University.
  • Wed - Feb 24, 2021: Wife Faces High Court for Killing Husband - AllAfrica News: Sierra Leone
    [Concord] One N'tuma Mansaray Nee Bangura, a medical nurse, has commenced trial in the Freetown High Court for allegedly stabbing and killing her husband, Corporal Mahmoud Mansaray RSLAF 18181984 of the Joint Medical Unit, 34 Military Hospital.
  • Wed - Feb 24, 2021: IHRDA Schools Human Rights Defenders - AllAfrica News: Sierra Leone
    [Concord] The Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA), on Tuesday, February 16, has concluded a three-day training workshop for various human rights organisations across the country.