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Capital: Freetown

Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Current President: Julius Maada Bio


  • While Sierra Leone possesses substantial mineral, agricultural, and fishery resources, its physical and social infrastructure has yet to recover from the civil war, and serious social disorders continue to hamper economic development.
  • Nearly half of the working-age population engages in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 6,163,195 (2017)

Land Size: 71,740 sq km (27,669 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Temne: 35%
  • Mende: 31%
  • Limba: 8%
  • Kono: 5%
  • Kriole: 2% (descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area in the late-18th century; also known as Krio)
  • Mandingo: 2%
  • Loko: 2%
  • Other: 15% (includes refugees from Liberia’s recent civil war, and small numbers of Europeans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, and Indians)

  • Muslim: 60%
  • Christian: 10%
  • Indigenous African Religions: 30%


  • English (official, regular use limited to literate minority)
  • Mende (principle vernacular in the south)
  • Temne (principle vernacular in the north)
  • Krio (English based Creole, spoken by the descendants of freed Jamaican slaves who were settled in the Freetown area, a lingua franca and a first language for 10% of the population but understood by 95%)



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    [Monitor] Security forces on Monday evening fired live bullets to disperse supporters of Opposition supporters who were marching in the town.
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    [africancourt] Arusha, 8 August 2018: The Republic of Sierra Leone and the Republic of Liberia have expressed their willingness to ratify the Protocol establishing the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights and deposit the special declaration under Article 34(6) to allow individuals and NGOs to access the Court directly. The assurances were given by President Julius Maada Bio of the Republic of Sierra Leone and President George Weah of the Republic of Liberia during separate courtesy calls in Freetown and Monrovia re
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    [Citizen] Arusha -Sierra Leone says it would ratify the protocol that established the African Court on Human and People's Rights (AfCHPR) because it believed in dispensation of justice.
  • Wed - Aug 8, 2018: Lawmakers Order Release of Container Drugs Held At Quay - AllAfrica News: Sierra Leone
    [Concord] Plans by the Sierra Leone Ports Authority to auction a container loaded with HIV/AIDs, Malaria and Tuberculosis drugs was thwarted last week after lawmakers reached a resolution for the drugs to be released immediately and distributed to various health centres across the country.