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Capital: Windhoek

Government: Republic

Current President: Hage Geingob


  • Heavily dependent on the extraction and processing of minerals for export.
  • Mining accounts for 8% of GDP, but provides more than 50% of foreign exchange earnings.
  • Rich alluvial diamond deposits make Namibia a primary source for gem-quality diamonds.
  • World’s fourth-largest producer of uranium.

Population: 2.3 million (UN 2011)

Land Size: 824,292 sq km (318,261 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Ovambo
  • Kavango
  • Herero
  • Himba
  • white: 6%
  • mixed: 6.5%

  • Christian: 80~90%
  • Indigenous African Religions: 10~20%


  • Oshivambo
  • Herero
  • Nama
  • English (official)
  • Afrikaans
  • German



  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: 'Children With Disabilities Should Not Be Limited' - AllAfrica News: Namibia
    [Namibian] PARENTS should not look at their children's disabilities but theie abilities in order not to limit the children, the founding director of Mainstream Foundation, Sylvia Chidunka, said yesterday.
  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: Exploring Nation's Diamond Future - AllAfrica News: Namibia
    [Namibian] WHEN the SS Nujoma sets sail later this year to explore for, and sample, diamonds off Namibia's coast, it will not only be the culmination of many years' work, but also a glimpse into the country's future.
  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: Do Whistleblowers and Journalists Get Enough Protection? - AllAfrica News: Namibia
    [Namibian] THERE IS a lot that is good to be said about justice minister Albert Kawana taking the Whistle-blower Protection Bill to the National Assembly last week. Some might argue that the mere tabling of the proposed law to protect people who report bad ethical conduct, is in itself the most important and positive step.
  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: Duplicate Home Ownerships a Headache for Arandis - AllAfrica News: Namibia
    [Namibian] Owning a house is not an easy thing but it becomes more difficult when one gets a loan to buy one only to find out that the property already belongs to somebody else.
  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: A Plea for Irrelevant Education - AllAfrica News: Namibia
    [Namibian] DUE TO the pressures of popular demand for relevance in education, we have lost sight of the purpose for which true education exists.