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Capital: BamakoGovernment: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic

Current President: Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta


  • Highly dependent on gold mining and agricultural exports for revenue.
  • Economic activity is largely confined to the riverine area irrigated by the Niger River and about 65% of its land is desert or semi-desert.
  • About 10% of the population is nomadic and about 80% of the labor force is engaged in farming and fishing.

Population: 16,450,000

Land Size: 1.25 million sq km (482,077 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Mande: 50% (Bambara, Malinke, Soninke)
  • Peul: 17%
  • Voltaic: 12%
  • Songhai: 6%
  • Tuareg and Moor: 10%
  • Other: 5%

  • Muslim: 90%
  • Christian: 1%
  • Indigenous African Religion: 9%


  • French (official)
  • Bambara: 80%
  • Fulfulde
  • Soninke



  • Thu - Jul 27, 2017: German Army Helicopter Crashes On UN Mission, Two Dead - AllAfrica News: Mali
    [Deutsche Welle] Two German army pilots have died after their helicopter crashed near Gao, eastern Mali. At the time of the crash, the helicopter was monitoring "confrontations."
  • Tue - Jul 25, 2017: Nigeria to Export 400 Locally Made Vehicles to Mali - AllAfrica News: Mali
    [Daily Trust] The Charge'd Affair of Nigeria in Mali, Yara Abdulsalam, says an indigenous motor manufacturing company, Innoson Motors, has signed MoU with a Malian firm to export 400 locally made vehicles to Mali.
  • Tue - Jul 25, 2017: Gambia Savaged in Mali - AllAfrica News: Mali
    [Foroyaa] Gambia's CHAN team got taught a footballing lesson to forget in Bamako after losing 4-0 to Mali on Saturday.
  • Mon - Jul 24, 2017: Gambians Reactions to Scorpions Humiliating 4-0 Defeat to Mali - AllAfrica News: Mali
    [Daily Observer] Gambians were left disappointed, dumb-founded and surprised, not just by the away-defeat, but certainly the 4-0 score line that the CHAN Team suffered in the hands of their Malian equivalents in the first round of the qualifiers for the CHAN tournament in Kenya next year.
  • Thu - Jul 20, 2017: Gambia National Chan Team Arrive in Bamako for Chan Qualifiers Against Mali - AllAfrica News: Mali
    [The Point] The Gambia National CHAN team on Tuesday 18 July 2017 arrived in Bamako for their crunch 2018 CHAN qualifiers second-leg tie away to Mali on Saturday 22 July 2017 in Bamako. The home-based Scorpions held series of training sessions prior to their Saturday's decisive 2017 CHAN qualifiers second-leg clash with local-based Eagles.