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Capital: Nairobi

Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Current President: Uhuru Kenyatta


  • East and Central Africa’s biggest economy has posted tremendous growth in the service sector, boosted by rapid expansion in telecommunication and financial activity over the last decade, and now contributes 62% of GDP.
  • The agricultural sector accounts for 22% of GDP, while the industry and manufacturing accounts for 16%.

Population: 46,661,552 (2016)

Land Size: 582,646 sq km (224,961 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Kikuyu: 22%
  • Luhya: 14%
  • Luo: 13%
  • Kalenjin: 12%
  • Kamba: 11%
  • Kisii: 6%
  • Meru: 6%
  • Other African: 15%
  • Non-African (Asian, European, and Arab): 1%

  • Protestant: 45%
  • Roman Catholic: 33%
  • Muslim: 10%
  • Indigenous African Religions: 10%
  • Other: 2%


  • English (official)
  • Kiswahili (official)
  • Kikuyu
  • Luo
  • Luyo
  • Kamba



  • Wed - May 24, 2017: About 19 Companies Affected By #WannaCry Attack - AllAfrica News: Kenya
    [CIO] The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) through the National Kenya Computer Incident Responce Team (National KE-CIRT) anounced on Friday that about nineteen companies in Kenya had been affected by the global WannaCrytor ransomware attack.
  • Wed - May 24, 2017: Caroline Mutoko Lectures Uhuru and He Hears Her - AllAfrica News: Kenya
    [Nation] Media personality Caroline Mutoko on Tuesday lectured President Uhuru Kenyatta on the dos and don'ts ahead of the launch of the Standard Gauge Railway.
  • Wed - May 24, 2017: Actor Loses Wife During Child Birth - AllAfrica News: Kenya
    [Nation] A Kenyan actor based in Mombasa is mourning the loss of his wife during child birth on Monday at Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa.
  • Wed - May 24, 2017: All Is Set for a Lupita-Rihanna Movie - AllAfrica News: Kenya
    [Nation] Fans are a powerful lot. They drove Jimmy Gait to tears. The poor chap cried on live TV. And now, through their strong will, they have willed a Lupita - Rihanna buddy movie into existence over a picture the two took together at the Miu Miu fashion show in 2014.
  • Wed - May 24, 2017: Leave Tanzania Out of Kenya's Upcoming Election - AllAfrica News: Kenya
    [Citizen] Recent damning allegations made by the Majority Leader of the National Assembly of Kenya Aden Duale, that the country's opposition coalition National Super Alliance (Nasa) has established a pony-trekking centre in Tanzania are shocking. Up until now, I don't know the rationale behind such jaw-dropping allegations, made without substantiation.