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Capital: Asmara

Government: Transitional

Current President: Isaias Afewerki


  • A command economy under the control of the sole political party, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).
  • A large share of the population, nearly 80%, is engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 6,380,000 (2014)

Land Size: 117,400 sq km (45,300 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Tigrinya: 55%
  • Tigre: 30%
  • Saho: 4%
  • Kunama: 2%
  • Rashaida: 2%
  • Bilen: 2%
  • Other (Afar, Beni Amir, Nera): 5% (2010 est.)

  • Muslim
  • Coptic Christian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Protestant


  • Tigrinya (official)
  • Arabic (official)
  • English (official)
  • Tigre
  • Kunama
  • Afar



  • Thu - Feb 23, 2017: European Union's Double Standard Policy Towards Eritrea - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Ethiopian Herald] It is no secret that the west especially, European Union has been playing double- standard politics towards the rest. Their hypocrisy has been tested practically in Eritrea in the last 20 years. What makes it irony is that the EU claims it stands for humanity but what it does in reality is the other way round. As to my best knowledge, it preaches about expanding democracy while pouring billions of dollars to anti-democratic leaders. Some in the EU pretend that they worry about migration while supporting re
  • Thu - Feb 23, 2017: Discussion Forum for Reinforcing Organizational Capacity - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] Keren -The National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Keren organized a discussion forum on 16 February aimed at reinforcing organizational capacity and timely implementation of charted out development programs.
  • Thu - Feb 23, 2017: Donation in Support of Families of Martyrs - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] Asmara -Eritrean nationals residing in Canada and employees of the Micro-Credit and Saving Program have donated around 40 thousand US Dollars and 38 thousand Nakfa respectively towards martyrs trust fund.
  • Wed - Feb 22, 2017: Local Government Ministry Holds Work Assessment Meeting - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] Asmara -The Ministry of Local Government on 20 February conducted a meeting regarding last year's work assessment and the programs mapped out for this year.
  • Wed - Feb 22, 2017: 30th Round National Service Members Graduate - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [Shabait] Asmara -A total of 1,460 members of the 30th round National Service of technical schools in Sawa who have been attending a 6-month military training graduated on February 18.