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Capital: Asmara

Government: Unitary One-party Presidential Republic

Current President: Isaias Afewerki


  • A command economy under the control of the sole political party, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).
  • A large share of the population, nearly 80%, is engaged in subsistence agriculture.

Population: 6,081,196 (2020)

Land Size: 117,400 sq km (45,300 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Tigrinya: 55%
  • Tigre: 30%
  • Saho: 4%
  • Kunama: 2%
  • Rashaida: 2%
  • Bilen: 2%
  • Other (Afar, Beni Amir, Nera): 5% (2010 est.)

  • Muslim
  • Coptic Christian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Protestant


  • Tigrinya (official)
  • Arabic (official)
  • English (official)
  • Tigre
  • Kunama
  • Afar



  • Sat - Sep 12, 2020: The Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Deal Is Yet to Show Dividends - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [ISS] It's been over two years since the much-heralded rapprochement between Eritrea and Ethiopia culminated in a peace and friendship agreement in July 2018. The deal, brewed personally by Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, symbolised an end to the 20 years of no war, no peace situation and the start of cordial relations between the two countries.
  • Tue - Sep 8, 2020: Eritrea, Sudan Agree to Bolster Bilateral Ties Including Regional Security - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [ENA] Addis Ababa -- Eritrea and Sudan have agreed to intensify their ongoing joint efforts to bolster regional peace.
  • Tue - Sep 8, 2020: Al-Burhan Concludes Visit to Eritrea - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [SNA] Khartoum -- The Head of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lt-General, Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan returned home, Monday, concluding one-day official visit to the State of Eritrea during which he had talks with the Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki on bilateral relations and means for developing them further.
  • Tue - Sep 8, 2020: Transitional Sovereign Council President Leaves to Eritrea - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [SNA] Khartoum -- President of the Transitional Sovereign Council (TSC) 1st. Lt. Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan left today to Asmara on a short visit to Eritrea.
  • Tue - Sep 8, 2020: Al-Burhan Arrives in Asmara On Official Visit - AllAfrica News: Eritrea
    [SNA] Asmara -- President of the Transitional Sovereign Council (TSC) 1st. Lt. Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan arrived today in the Eritrean capital of Asmara on an official one-day visit.