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Capital: CairoGovernment: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic

Current President: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi


  • Based mainly on agriculture, media, petroleum exports, exports of natural gas, and tourism.
  • Economic conditions have started to improve considerably after a period of stagnation from the adoption of more liberal economic policies by the Government as well as increased revenues from tourism and a booming stock market.

Population: 99,413,317 (2018)

Land Size: 1 million sq km (386,874 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Arab: 99.6%
  • Other: 0.4%

  • Muslim (mostly Sunni): 90%
  • Coptic: 9%
  • Christian: 1%


  • Arabic (official)
  • English
  • French



  • Fri - Oct 18, 2019: Shell Aims to Operate Egypt Concessions in 2020 - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [This Day] Royal Dutch Shell is aiming to start operating in its concession areas in Egypt in the second half of 2020, a senior executive said.
  • Fri - Oct 18, 2019: In Egypt, Institutional Insanity Is the New Normal - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [HRW] Mohamed Abdellatif, a young Egyptian dentist, has been a friend of mine since we went to the same secondary school in Giza, just a few hundred meters from Cairo University, where we also studied together. He went to dentistry school and I went to medical school, on the same campus in al-Kasr Ainy which hosts Cairo University Hospitals. In college I joined several campus opposition activities, but Abdellatif did not. I naively thought I was better than he was. I was not.
  • Thu - Oct 17, 2019: Fresh Twist to Avire's Transfer as Kalekwa Demands His Release By Egyptian Club - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [Nairobi News] John Avire is on the verge of rejoining Sofapaka after transfer talks with Egyptian club Tanta FC hit a snag.
  • Tue - Oct 15, 2019: Prominent Human Rights Defender Tortured As Crackdown Intensifies - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [AI London] Esraa Abdelfattah abducted in a van on Saturday night, before ordeal in National Security Agency custody
  • Mon - Oct 14, 2019: Protest to Free Sudanese Youths From Egyptian Prison - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [Radio Dabanga] Khartoum / Kassala -Hundreds of members of neighbourhood committees in Kassala and Khartoum protested the detention of three Sudanese youths who have been held in Egyptian prisons for three years. They demanded the authorities to intervene and secure the release of the detainees.