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Capital: CairoGovernment: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic

Current President: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi


  • Based mainly on agriculture, media, petroleum exports, exports of natural gas, and tourism.
  • Economic conditions have started to improve considerably after a period of stagnation from the adoption of more liberal economic policies by the Government as well as increased revenues from tourism and a booming stock market.

Population: 92,765,000 (2016)

Land Size: 1 million sq km (386,874 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Arab: 99.6%
  • Other: 0.4%

  • Muslim (mostly Sunni): 90%
  • Coptic: 9%
  • Christian: 1%


  • Arabic (official)
  • English
  • French



  • Fri - Apr 20, 2018: Govt Protests to UN Over Egypt Voting in Disputed Area - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [East African] Sudan said Wednesday it has protested to the UN Security Council against Egypt, accusing Cairo of organising voting in a disputed border area during last month's Egyptian presidential election.
  • Fri - Apr 20, 2018: Sisi Meets Libya's Sarraj On Arab Summit Sidelines - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [Egypt Online] President Abdel Fattah El Sisi urged on Saturday 14/4/2018 all parties in Libya to promote the country's national interests and spare no efforts to achieve stability, rebuild state institutions, and hold elections within 2018, Presidential Spokesman Bassam Rady said in a statement.
  • Fri - Apr 20, 2018: Egypt Supports Libyan Political Process and Army Unification - Spokesman - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [Focac] Tripoli -The Libya's UN-backed government said Tuesday that the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has reiterated his support for the political process and efforts to unite the Libyan army.
  • Thu - Apr 19, 2018: Cairo, Moscow Discuss Syrian Crisis, Palestinian-Israeli Settlement - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [Egypt Online] Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov discussed with Egyptian Ambassador in Moscow Ehab Nasr the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian-Israeli settlement issues, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday 18/4/2018.
  • Thu - Apr 19, 2018: Presidential Decree Approving Deal On Scientific Cooperation With EU - AllAfrica News: Egypt
    [Egypt Online] President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued decree number no. 83/2018, approving an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between Egypt and the European Union (EU).