Democratic Republic of the Congo



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Capital: Kinshasa

Government: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic

Current President: Joseph Kabila


  • Much economic activity still occurs in the informal sector and is not reflected in GDP data.
  • Renewed activity in the mining sector, the source of most export income, boosted Kinshasa’s fiscal position and GDP growth from 2006-08.
  • Main exports: diamonds, copper, coffee, cobalt, and crude oil.

Population: 81,680,000 (2015)

Land Size: 2.34 million sq km (905,354 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Over 200 African ethnic groups
  • Majority are Bantu (make up about 45% of the population);
    • Mongo
    • Luba
    • Kongo (all Bantu)
    • Mangbetu-Azande (Hamitic)

  • Roman Catholic: 50%
  • Protestant: 20%
  • Kimbanguist: 10%
  • Muslim: 10%
  • Other (includes syncretic sects and indigenous beliefs): 10%


  • French (official)
  • Lingala (a lingua franca trade language)
  • Kingwana (a dialect of Kiswahili or Swahili)
  • Kikongo
  • Tshiluba



  • Sun - Apr 30, 2017: UN Airlifts Aid to Refugees in Angola - AllAfrica News: Congo-Kinshasa
    [UN News] A plane carrying relief items has arrived in Luanda, Angola, to assist over 11,000 people who fled a recent surge violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the United Nations refugee agency said today.
  • Fri - Apr 28, 2017: Ethinic Clashes, Kidnappings Worsen DRC Woes - AllAfrica News: Congo-Kinshasa
    [CAJ News] Kinshasa -HUMANITARIAN agencies are failing to implement their activities following ethnic conflict between the Twa (Pygmies) and Luba communities in the Democratic republic of Congo. At least 15 people have been killed in the conflict in recent weeks, resulting in insecurity in the Manono territory of the Tanganyika Province. "This has prevented humanitarian actors from effectively implementing their activities," said a spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The inter-communal skirmishes
  • Thu - Apr 27, 2017: End of Joseph Kony Hunt Breeds Frustration and Fear - AllAfrica News: Congo-Kinshasa
    [IRIN] Gulu -Uganda and the United States have ended a six-year hunt for elusive warlord Joseph Kony and his notorious Lord's Resistance Army.
  • Thu - Apr 27, 2017: 20 Dead in Kasai Amid Lulua-Luba, Chowe-Pende Feud - UN - AllAfrica News: Congo-Kinshasa
    [Al Jazeera] At least 20 people were killed in ethnic clashes last week in Democratic Republic of Congo's troubled Kasai region, according to the United Nations. The UN's DR Congo mission said in a statement on Wednesday that the clashes took place in the central region, east of the Kasai capital, Tshikapa.
  • Thu - Apr 27, 2017: Four Burundian Hostages Released After Over Two Weeks in Congo - AllAfrica News: Congo-Kinshasa
    [Iwacu] Four victims of kidnapping have been released after 17 days of detention in the DR Congo. Their kidnappers claimed they were rebels. One of the four hostages says they don't know how their release was negotiated.