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Capital: Moroni

Government: Federal Presidential Republic

Current President: Azali Assoumani


  • One of the world’s poorest countries, Comoros is made up of three islands that have inadequate transportation links, a young and rapidly increasing population, and few natural resources.
  • Agriculture, including fishing, hunting, and forestry, contributes 40% to GDP, employs 80% of the labor force, and provides most of the exports.
  • The country is not self-sufficient in food production; rice, the main staple, accounts for the bulk of imports.

Population: 821,164 (2018)

Land Size: 2,034 sq km (785 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Antalote
  • Cafre
  • Makoa
  • Oimatsaha
  • Sakalava

  • Sunni Muslim: 98%
  • Roman Catholic: 2%


  • Arabic (official)
  • French (official)
  • Shikomoro (a blend of Swahili and Arabic)



  • Thu - Apr 25, 2019: Cyclone Hits Comoros - Heading to East Africa - AllAfrica News: Comoros
    [VOA] The government of Comoros shut down schools, airports and public offices Wednesday as Tropical Cyclone Kenneth passed over the island nation, with wind gusts topping 200 kilometers an hour.
  • Thu - Apr 25, 2019: Cyclone Kenneth Strengthening as it Heads for Coast - AllAfrica News: Comoros
    [allAfrica] Cape Town -Cyclone Kenneth - which is approaching the southern coast of Tanzania and northern coast of Mozambique - has been upgraded to an intense tropical cyclone by Meteo France, the French national meteorological service, AccuWeather reports.
  • Thu - Apr 18, 2019: 3 From Comoros Are Detained in Seychelles On Suspicion of Illegal Fishing - AllAfrica News: Comoros
    [Seychelles News Agency] Three citizens of Comoros are being detained in Seychelles after their vessel was intercepted in the vicinity of Assumption on suspicion of illegal fishing this week, said the Seychelles People's Defence Forces on Wednesday.
  • Thu - Apr 18, 2019: RSF Tells Comoros Don't Blame Journalists for Political Crisis - AllAfrica News: Comoros
    [RSF] Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the authorities in the Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros to stop censoring and intimidating journalists amid a continuing political crisis in the wake of the country's presidential election on 24 March.
  • Thu - Apr 18, 2019: Comoros Authorities Detain Journalist, Censor Newspapers Amid Political Crisis - AllAfrica News: Comoros
    [CPJ] Nairobi -Authorities in the Comoros should stop detaining journalists and censoring the press in the wake of the disputed March 24 presidential election, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.