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Capital: N’Djamena

Government: Dominant Party Presidential Republic

Current President: Idriss Déby


  • Although primarily agricultural, the economy will continue to be boosted by major foreign direct investment projects in the oil sector, estimated at 1.5 billion barrels) that began in 2000.
  • At least 80% of Chad’s population relies on subsistence farming and raising livestock for its livelihood.
  • Relies on foreign assistance and foreign capital for most public and private sector investment projects.

Population: 16,877,357 (2020)

Land Size: 1.28 million sq km (495,800 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Sara: 28%
  • Arab: 12%
  • Daza 11%
  • Mayo-Kebbi: 10%
  • Kanem-Bornou: 9%
  • Ouaddai: 9%
  • Hadjarai: 7%
  • Tandjile: 7%
  • Fitri-Batha: 5%
  • Other: 2%

  • Muslim: 53.1%
  • Catholic: 20.1%
  • Protestant: 14.2%
  • Indigenous African Religions: 7.3%
  • Other: 0.5%
  • Unknown: 1.7%
  • Atheist: 3.1%


  • French (official)
  • Arabic (official)
  • Sara (in south)
  • More than 120 languages and dialects



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