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Capital: Yaoundé

Government: Unitary Dominant-Party Presidential Republic

Current President: Paul Biya


  • Modest oil reserves and favorable agricultural conditions lend Cameroon one of the best-endowed primary commodity economies in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Commercial and economic leader in the sub-region.
  • Highly dependent on commodity exports.
  • Despite this, the economy in Cameroon suffers from economic mismanagement, pervasive corruption, and a challenging business environment (for local and foreign investors).

Population: 25,640,965 (2018)

Land Size: 475,442 sq km (183,568 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Cameroon Highlanders (Bamileke, Bamoun): 31%
  • Equatorial Bantu (Bassa, Douala): 19%
  • Kirdi: 11%
  • Fulani: 10%
  • Northwestern Bantu: 8%
  • Eastern Nigritic: 7%
  • Other African: 13%
  • Non-African: < 1%

  • Indigenous beliefs: 40%
  • Christian: 40%
  • Muslim: 20%


  • Budu
  • Beti
  • Pidgin
  • English (official)
  • French (official)



  • Thu - Apr 25, 2019: U-17 AFCON - Cameroon and Guinea to Play Finals - AllAfrica News: Cameroon
    [Cameroon Tribune] Cameroon 's under 17 national team has qualified for the finals of the 2019 African Nation's Cup in Tanzania after beating Angola 4-3 on penalties. Earlier in the day, Guinea grabbed the first ticket after bashing Nigeria on penalties (10- 9). It is the second time Cameroon U-17 will be playing the finals in the said category.
  • Thu - Apr 25, 2019: To Achieve a Malaria-Free World, We Need Lifesaving Tools to Reach Everyone - AllAfrica News: Cameroon
    [allAfrica] As a doctor, I have seen the devastating toll of malaria firsthand. Working as a physician in my home country of Cameroon, I've been shocked watching once-healthy patients arrive at the hospital feverish and shaking, sometimes going on to experience kidney failure, seizures and altered state of consciousness. Some of these patients don't survive -- even though malaria is preventable and treatable. I can't think of a person I know who has not been touched by malaria in my country.
  • Wed - Apr 24, 2019: A Household Name in Cameroon - AllAfrica News: Cameroon
    [ICG] Crisis Group's work in Cameroon put underreported risks in this country on the policymaking radar years before the outbreaks of the Boko Haram insurgency in the Far North and a separatist revolt in Anglophone regions.
  • Wed - Apr 24, 2019: U17 AFCON - Cameroon, Angola Battle for Final Slot - AllAfrica News: Cameroon
    [CAF] At stake is a place for Sunday's final when Cameroon squares Angola in the second semi- final match of the Total Africa Cup of Nations U17, on Wednesday at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam.
  • Wed - Apr 24, 2019: Sports Management - Officials Receive Testimonials - AllAfrica News: Cameroon
    [Cameroon Tribune] A ceremony to award attestations to 19 laureates of the fourth batch of the Advanced Course for Sports Managers took place in Yaounde yesterday April 23, 2019.