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Capital: Bujumbura

Government: Presidential Republic

Current President: Pierre Nkurunziza


  • Predominately agricultural.
  • Agriculture accounts for just over 30% of GDP and employs more than 90% of the population.
  • Primary exports are coffee and tea.

Population: 11,178,921 (2015)

Land Size: 27,834 sq km (10,747 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Hutu: 85%
  • Tutsi: 14%
  • Twa: 1%

  • Christian: 67% (Roman Catholic: 62%, Protestant: 5%)
  • Indigenous beliefs: 23%
  • Muslim: 10%


  • Kirundi (official)
  • French (official)
  • Swahili (along Lake Tanganyika and in the Bujumbura area)



  • Thu - Nov 23, 2017: State Employees Claim Annual Performance Bonus Back - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [Iwacu] "We have noted with bitterness that nothing is being done to unblock the unfair situation imposed by the Government against state employees since January 2016," reads the communiqué issued by Burundi Confederation of Trade Unions (COSYBU).
  • Wed - Nov 22, 2017: Culture Ministry Dedicates Week to Emblematic Drum Dance to Promote Culture - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [Iwacu] The Ministry of Culture dedicated a week to the emblematic dance of the Burundian drum in order to protect and promote Burundian culture in general and drums in particular. It started on November 20 and will end on 26.
  • Wed - Nov 22, 2017: Evicted Families From Gasenyi Demand to Be Compensated - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [Iwacu] This 21 November, around 40 families evicted from their plots in Gasenyi area of Mutimbuzi Commune in Bujumbura where the presidential palace is being built, have staged a sit-in before the Ministry of Environment's office. They claim compensation.
  • Wed - Nov 22, 2017: Special UN Secretary-General Envoy to Burundi Pleads for Inclusive Dialogue - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [Iwacu] In a review of his mission over three months to the UN Security Council, Michel Kafando, Special Envoy of the Secretary -General to Burundi, says the United Nations must continue its mission of good offices, alongside the sub-region, to help Burundi come out of the crisis despite persistent problems.
  • Tue - Nov 21, 2017: Day Dedicated to Combatants, 'A Bone of Contention' - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [Iwacu] Burundi ruling CNDD-FDD celebrates the week dedicated to combatants to pay tribute to the valiant fighters who died on the battlefield. The party's leaders say Burundi got peace and democracy on 16 November 2003 when the rebel movement CNDD-FDD signed a global cease-fire with the transitional government of the time. Some politicians accuse the ruling party of excluding other war veterans.