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Capital: Bujumbura

Government: Presidential Republic

Current President: Pierre Nkurunziza


  • Predominately agricultural.
  • Agriculture accounts for just over 30% of GDP and employs more than 90% of the population.
  • Primary exports are coffee and tea.

Population: 11,844,520 (2018)

Land Size: 27,834 sq km (10,747 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Hutu: 85%
  • Tutsi: 14%
  • Twa: 1%

  • Christian: 67% (Roman Catholic: 62%, Protestant: 5%)
  • Indigenous beliefs: 23%
  • Muslim: 10%


  • Kirundi (official)
  • French (official)
  • Swahili (along Lake Tanganyika and in the Bujumbura area)



  • Wed - Dec 11, 2019: 26 Killed in Worsening Burundi Landslides - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [CAJ News] Bujumbura -THE death toll in the floods in Burundi is feared to escalate beyond the 26 people that have died during heavy rainfall.
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    [Capital FM] Kampala -After returning to the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup for the first time in almost six years, Eritrea posted a shocking result at the 2019 showpiece, beating fancied Burundi 1-0 n their opening Group A match at the Lugogo Arena on Monday afternoon.
  • Mon - Dec 9, 2019: Elections 'Levy' Opens Door to Abuse - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [HRW] Nairobi -Local officials and members of the widely feared youth wing of Burundi's ruling party have extorted donations for the upcoming 2020 elections, in many cases with threats or force, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Members of the youth group, the Imbonerakure, have blocked access to basic public services for those who cannot show a receipt for their payment.
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    [African Arguments] Pierre Nkurunziza continues to tighten his grip ahead of May 2020 elections. Is it too late to stop the crisis deepening?
  • Sun - Dec 8, 2019: The East African Court of Justice Throws Out Case On Nkurunziza Third Term - AllAfrica News: Burundi
    [East African] The East African Court of Justice has dismissed a case against the Burundi government which sought to block President Pierre Nkurunziza's 2015 move to vie for a third term.