Burkina Faso



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Capital: Ouagadougou

Government: Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic

Current President: Roch Marc Christian Kaboré


  • Landlocked country that relies heavily on cotton and gold exports for revenue.
  • About 90% of the population is engaged in subsistence agriculture.
  • Cotton is the main cash crop.
  • By 2010, gold had become the main source of export revenue.

Population: 20,107,509 (2017)

Land Size: 274,200 sq km (105,900 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Mossi: > 40%
  • Other: ~ 60% (includes Gurunsi, Senufo, Lobi, Bobo, Mande, and Fulani)

  • Muslim: 60%
  • Catholic: 19%
  • Animist: 15.3%
  • Protestant: 4.2%
  • Other: 0.6%
  • None: 0.4%


  • French (official)
  • Jula
  • Fulfulde
  • Moore



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