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Capital: GabaroneGovernment: Parliamentary Republic

Current President: Seretse Khama Ian Khama


  • Botswana has enjoyed one of the fastest growth rates per capita income in the world since independence.
  • Since 1980’s, the country has been the world’s largest producer of gem-quality diamonds.  As such, diamond mining will continue to be the mainstay of Botswana’s economy, with known current reserves sufficient for at least the next 20 years.

Population: 2,155,784 (2014)

Land Size: 581,730 sq km (224,607 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Tswana (or Setswana): 79%
  • Kalanga: 11%
  • Basarwa: 3%
  • Other, including Kgalagadi and white: 7%

  • Christian: 71.6%
  • Badimo(indigenous African religion): 6%
  • Other: 1.4%
  • Unspecified: 0.4%
  • None: 20.6%


  • Setswana: 78.2%
  • Kalanga: 7.9%
  • Sekgalagadi: 2.8%
  • English (official): 2.1%
  • Other: 8.6%
  • Unspecified: 0.4%



  • Thu - May 18, 2017: MP Calls For Electric Fence Along Zimbabwe Border - AllAfrica News: Botswana
    [New Zimbabwe] Botswana MP for Tati East, Samson Moyo Guma, has called for the construction of a fence along the Zimbabwe border.
  • Wed - May 17, 2017: Botswana Kills 68 Zim Cattle in Its 'Shoot-to-Kill' Policy - AllAfrica News: Botswana
    [The Herald] Botswana police have killed 68 head of cattle worth about $35 000 through its shoot-to-kill policy.
  • Wed - May 17, 2017: Mining Minister Defends Secrecy in Mining Deals - AllAfrica News: Botswana
    [The Patriot] Botswana's Minerals and Water Affairs Minister Sadique Kebonang on Tuesday insisted on maintaining the secrecy around mega government mining contracts, saying that "no country signs transparent agreements".
  • Wed - May 17, 2017: Namibian Refugees Threaten War - AllAfrica News: Botswana
    [The Patriot] As Botswana persists on the repatriation of Namibian refugees - currently housed at the Dukwi Refugee Camp, some 100km northwest of Francistown - back to their native country, anger and fury amongst the refugees is growing. In 1998, Namibian refugees fled from their motherland, Caprivi Strip in the Zambezi region into Botswana following a secessionist crisis.
  • Tue - May 16, 2017: New North West Chairman to Face Punishment - AllAfrica News: Botswana
    [The Patriot] Two Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillors from North West District Council are likely to face disciplinary process for violating a resolution of the party caucus.