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Capital: Porto-Novo

Government: Presidential Representative Democratic Republic

Current President: Patrice Talon


  • Underdeveloped. Dependent on subsistence agriculture, cotton production, and regional trade.

Population: 12,864,634 (2020)

Land Size: 112,622 sq km (43,484 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Fon and related: 38.4%
  • Adja and related: 15.1%
  • Yoruba and related: 12%
  • Bariba and related: 9.6%
  • Fulani and related: 8.6%
  • Ottamari and related: 6.1%
  • Yoa-Lokpa and related: 4.3%
  • Dendi and related: 2.9%
  • Other: 1.8% (includes Europeans)

  • Catholic: 25.5%
  • Muslim: 27.7%
  • Vodoun: 11.6%
  • Protestant: 13.5% (Celestial: 6.7%, Methodist: 3.4%, other Protestant: 3.4%)
  • Other Christian: 9.5%
  • Other: 11%


  • French (official)
  • Fon and Yoruba (most common vernaculars in south)
  • Tribal languages



  • Thu - Nov 26, 2020: How Benin Become World's Fastest Place to Start a Business Via Mobile Phone - AllAfrica News: Benin
    [IPS] Geneva -- Until recently, Benin was best known for its cotton exports and its vibrant clothing designs. Since this year it is also the fastest place in the world to start a company. By providing a full online service, the government helped entrepreneurs create businesses and jobs during the pandemic. A third of Benin's new entrepreneurs are women.
  • Wed - Nov 18, 2020: Lesotho Stumble Against Benin - AllAfrica News: Benin
    [Cosafa] Lesotho's chances of a first ever Africa Cup of Nations finals appearance are all but over after they failed to score for a second successive game against Benin.
  • Tue - Nov 17, 2020: Unlucky Lesotho Fall in Benin - AllAfrica News: Benin
    [Cosafa] Jodel Dossou grabbed the only goal of the game on Saturday as Benin edged Lesotho 1-0 in their Africa Cup of Nations qualifier to leave Likuena at the bottom of Group L.
  • Mon - Nov 9, 2020: Isocel Telecom Gets Funding for Wider Roll-Out of Ftth Service, Etisalat to Build WA Cable Landing in Cotonou - AllAfrica News: Benin
    [Balancing Act] London -- Long-standing Beninois ISP Isocel Telecom has obtained funding to roll-out its FTTH service to the Greater Cotonou area. Russell Southwood talks to Isocel Telecom's CEO Robert Aouad.
  • Sat - Nov 7, 2020: Benin Urged to Implement Findings of Working Group On Arbitrary Detention - AllAfrica News: Benin
    [RSF] Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on Benin's government to implement the conclusions of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention by overturning journalist Ignace Sossou's conviction and bringing its Digital Law into compliance with Benin's obligations as regards freedom of expression.