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Capital: LuandaGovernment: Presidential Republic

Current President: Jose Eduardo dos Santos


  • Oil production and its supporting activities contribute about 85% of GDP.
  • Diamond exports contribute an additional 5%.

Population: 25,789,024 (2014)

Land Size: 1.25 million sq km (481,354 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Ovimbundu: 36%
  • Kimbundu: 25%
  • Bakongo: 13%
  • Mestico (mixed European and native African): 2%
  • Chinese: 1%
  • European: 1%
  • Other: 22%

  • Indigenous beliefs: 47%
  • Roman Catholic: 38%
  • Protestant: 15%


  • Portuguese (official)
  • Umbundu
  • Kongo
  • Other



  • Thu - Sep 21, 2017: Referees Trained On New Rules - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Ndalatando -The Provincial Football Association of Cuanza Norte (APF), in partnership with the Angolan Football Federation (FAF), is promoting since Wednesday in Ndalatando city a training on the new refereeing, aimed at updating the new refereeing concepts of the International Football Federation (FIFA).
  • Thu - Sep 21, 2017: Libolo Face Santa Rita De Cássia in 8th Finals of League Cup - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -Recreativo do Libolo on Saturday will face Santa Rita de Cássia, in northern Uige Province's 4 de Janeiro Stadium, home of the latter, for the first leg of the eighth finals of the Angola League Cup.
  • Thu - Sep 21, 2017: Malanje - Catholic Faithful Urged to Join Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Rosary Sanctuary - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Malanje -The metropolitan archbishop of the Malanje Archdiocese, dom Benedito Roberto, on Wednesday in this city, called on Catholic faithful to participate on 7-8 October in the fourth pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pungo Andongo communein Cacuso municipality.
  • Thu - Sep 21, 2017: Parliament Holds Constituent Meeting in September - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -The constituent meeting of the Angolan Parliament's fourth legislature, for the period 2017/2022, will take place on September 28 and will be marked by the inauguration oaths of the newly elected MPs.
  • Thu - Sep 21, 2017: Basketball - Coach Raúl Duarte Returns to Libolo - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan coach Raúl Duarte is back in charge of Recreativo do Libolo's senior men's basketball team, after being champion with the same club in 2012 before being fired.