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Capital: Luanda

Government: Republic

Current President: Jose Eduardo dos Santos


  • Oil production and its supporting activities contribute about 85% of GDP.
  • Diamond exports contribute an additional 5%.

Population: 19.6 million (UN 2011)

Land Size: 1.25 million sq km (481,354 sq miles)

Major Ethic Groups:

  • Ovimbundu: 37%
  • Kimbundu: 25%
  • Bakongo: 13%
  • Mestico (mixed European and native African): 2%
  • European: 1%
  • Other: 22%

  • Indigenous beliefs: 47%
  • Roman Catholic: 38%
  • Protestant: 15%


  • Portuguese (official)
  • Umbundu
  • Kongo
  • Other



  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: Minister Plays Down Controversy Over Abortion - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Rui Mangueira, said on Thursday in Luanda that the issue of abortion in the bill that approves the Penal Code should not be fracturing because the text guarantees, in fact, the right to life.
  • Fri - Feb 24, 2017: Opposition Calls for Referendum On Abortion - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -Angolan opposition parliamentary groups on Thursday underscored the relevance of the draft law approved by the General Penal Code, but UNITA considered it essential to hold a referendum on a better integration of issues related abortion.
  • Thu - Feb 23, 2017: Did Angolan Businessman Plot to Defraud Prophet Bushiri? - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [Nyasa Times] An Angolan businessman in Polokwane, South Africa Pico Santana known as Antonio Martins, who filed a lawsuit demoing 15 million Rands from South African based Malawian well-known prophet Shepherd Bushiri for defamation over a "prophecy" in church, has been reported to be "a celebrated conman" who had plotted to defraud the billionaire preacher, according to reports in South Africa media.
  • Wed - Feb 22, 2017: New Provincial Police Commander Starts Office - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Ondjiva -The new delegate of the Ministry of the Interior to the southern Cunene Province, who is also the new police commander for this region, commissioner Tito Munana, was presented last Tuesday to the local corporation.
  • Tue - Feb 21, 2017: Angola Prepares for Life After Dos Santos - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [Chatham House] Angola is following a pattern of gradual democratization but those hoping for rapid and or even radical political change will be disappointed.