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Capital: Luanda

Government: Presidential Republic

Current President: João Lourenço


  • Oil production and its supporting activities contribute about 85% of GDP.
  • Diamond exports contribute an additional 5%.

Population: 29,310,273 (2017)

Land Size: 1.25 million sq km (481,354 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Ovimbundu: 36%
  • Kimbundu: 25%
  • Bakongo: 13%
  • Mestico (mixed European and native African): 2%
  • Chinese: 1%
  • European: 1%
  • Other: 22%

  • Indigenous beliefs: 47%
  • Roman Catholic: 38%
  • Protestant: 15%


  • Portuguese (official)
  • Umbundu
  • Kongo
  • Other



  • Fri - Jun 22, 2018: Bill On Public Holidays Approved By MPs in General Terms - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -The National Assembly approved in its general terms on Thursday the Bill on National and Local public holidays, as well as National Celebration Dates, which introduces amendments tailored to the new context of development.
  • Fri - Jun 22, 2018: Angolan Economy Enters Stabilization Stage - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan economy entered a stabilization stage in the first six months of this year after suffering a recession in 2016 and 2017, said on Thursday the Finance minister, Archer Mangueira.
  • Fri - Jun 22, 2018: Angola Beat Benfica in Friendly Game - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -Angola's junior females handball team last Wednesday defeated the Portuguese Benfica team by 26-19, in a preparation game ahead of the country's participation in the World Cup of Debrecen, Hungary, scheduled to happen on 1 to 14 July, this year.
  • Fri - Jun 22, 2018: Portugal - Journalist Mario Augusto Launches Book On Conflicts in Africa - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Lisbon -The book entitled "The Conflicts in Africa and the Experience of Angola in their Resolution (literal translation from Portuguese)", by the Angolan journalist Mario Augusto, was presented on Thursday in Lisbon, Portugal, by the Guerra e Paz publishers.
  • Fri - Jun 22, 2018: Private Sector Deemed Country's Development Engine - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Saurimo -The Angolan Trade minister, Joffre Van-Dúnem Júnior, said last Thursday, in Saurimo City, eastern Lunda Sul Province, that the private sector constitutes the country's social and economic development engine, stressing our relevant such a stance can be for the eastern provinces.