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Capital: Luanda

Government: Presidential Republic

Current President: João Lourenço


  • Oil production and its supporting activities contribute about 85% of GDP.
  • Diamond exports contribute an additional 5%.

Population: 32,522,339 (2020)

Land Size: 1.25 million sq km (481,354 sq miles)

Major Ethnic Groups:

  • Ovimbundu: 37%
  • Kimbundu: 25%
  • Bakongo: 13%
  • Mestico (mixed European and native African): 2%
  • European: 1%
  • Other: 22%

  • Indigenous beliefs: 47%
  • Roman Catholic: 38%
  • Protestant: 15%


  • Portuguese (official)
  • Umbundu
  • Kongo
  • Other



  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: Limited Supplies Slow Covid-19 Vaccination in Africa - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [Africa Renewal] Only 38 million vaccines have been received on the continent of about 1.2 billion people.
  • Sat - Jun 12, 2021: Basketball Experts Sceptical About Angola Qualification to Tokyo Olympic Games - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -- Several Angolan basketball experts have said they are doubtful about the possible chances for the Angola national team to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games taking into account the potential of the opponents taking part in the qualifying tournament, methods of dispute and competitive level of the competition.
  • Fri - Jun 11, 2021: Angolan Refugee Numbers At Etunda Dwindle - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [New Era] The number of Angolan refugees camping at Etunda in the Omusati region has dwindled in recent days after they heard of talks to relocate them to safer ground. The migrants have moved to other parts of the region in search of jobs to harvest and thresh mahangu.
  • Fri - Jun 11, 2021: Ministry of Economy and Planning Trains Technicians for Planning System - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -- The Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) is investing in training technicians for the operationalisation of the Planning Information System Platform, the secretary of State for Planning, Milton Reis said today in Luanda.
  • Fri - Jun 11, 2021: Angola Calls for Extension of G20 Debt Suspension - AllAfrica News: Angola
    [ANGOP] Luanda -- The Angolan government has requested its sovereign partners of the G20 to put on hold the service of non-guaranteed bilateral debt, from 1 July to 31 December 2021, which allows for a saving of US$3 billion, until 2023, ANGOP learnt today from a source at the the Finance Ministry.