African Independent Churches and Christians

Kimbanguist Temple

African Independent Church: Kimbanguist Temple under construction, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Wisconsin collection

Beginning of Sabbath Service

Beginning of the Sabbath service, Small Church of God. Comprised of Zimbabwean immigrant living in Zambia. Wisconsin collection

Small Church of God

The Tender of Worship (second from left) and his son (left) of the Small Church of God, Zambia. Wisconsin collection

Apostles of Johane Marauke

At a Sabbath service of the A.I.C. Apostles of Johane Maruke in Zambia. The movement of the Apostles of Johane Marauke is one of the largest Zionist churches in southern Africa. It was founded in Zimbabwe, but its has congregations in Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. Wisconsin collection

Outdoor Sabbath Service

Outdoor Sabbath service of the Apostles of Johane Marauke, in Zambia. Wisconsin collection

Religious Sisters

Religious sisters in an African Independent Church, Zimbabwe. Wisconsin collection