Suggested Readings on African Economies

Teachers who are interested in further exploration of issues raised in this module are encouraged look at the following sources.

Economic History

Austen, Ralph, African Economic History: Internal Development and External Dependency Portsmouth: Heinemann, 1987. A basic introduction to the economic history of Africa.

Collins, Robert (ed) Trade in Precolonial Africa (four essays) in Problems in African History New York: Prentice Hall, 1968.

Davidson, Basil The Black Man’s Burden: Africa and the Curse of the Nation-State, New York: Times Books, 1992. An assessable analysis of the impact of “nation-state” on Africa’s current economic and political condition.

Fruend, Bill, The Making of Contemporary Africa: The Development of African Society Since 1800 (Second Edition) Boulder: Lynn Riener, 1998. A general history of Africa with a strong emphasis on economics.

Rodney, Walter How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Washington D.C.: Howard University Press, (reprint) 1972. A classic treatment of Europe’s economic exploitation of Africa.

On Cotton Industry in Colonial Mali:

Roberts, Richard The Coercion of Free Markets: Cotton, Peasants, and the Colonial State in French Soudan, 1924-1932 in A. Isaacman and R. Roberts (eds) Cotton, Colonialism, and Social History in Sub-Saharan AfricaPortsmouth: Heinemann, 1995.

On Copper Industry in Colonial Zambia

Moore, H. and M. Vaughan, Cutting Down Trees: Gender, Nutrition and Agricultural Change in the Northern Province of Zambia, Portsmouth: Heinemann, 1994.

Pampart, Jane Labor and Capital on the African Copperbelt Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1983.

Sklar, Richard Corporate Power in an African State: The Political Impact of Multinational Mining Companies in Zambia, Berkley: University of California Press, 1975.

Slave Trade

Curtin, Philip The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1969.

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Miller, Joseph Way of Death: Merchant Capitalism and the Angolan Slave Trade, 1730-1830 Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1988.

Africa and Globalization

Brown, M.B. and P. Tiffen, Short Changed: Africa and World TradeBoulder: Pluto Press, 1992.

Collins, Robert (ed) Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Success or Failure? (six reprinted articles) in his Problems in the History of Modern Africa, Princeton: Markus Wiener, 1997.

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Ravenhill, John (ed) Africa in Economic Crisis New York: Columbia University Press, 1986.

General Reference

The following reference books provide (i) the World Bank’s perspective on economic issues in Africa, and (ii) a rich resource of economic and social data tables.

Adjustment in Africa: Reforms, Results, and the Road Ahead: A World Bank Policy Research Report, Washington D.C. The World Bank,/Oxford University Press, 1994.

Can Africa Claim The 21st Century? Washington D.C. World Bank, 2000

World Development Report 2000/200: Attacking Poverty, Washington D.C.: World Bank.